About Lisbon Suites by The Independente Collective

The Independente Collective is the brainchild of four brothers, rogue travellers themselves, who envisioned a different concept in hospitality where travellers as well as locals could come together in a multi-cultural story telling exchange defined by the experience lived and all the memories made.

Life is very often defined by those who surround us as well as where we go.

For that to happen the four brothers sought to bring the Lisboetas (the Portuguese word for a Lisboa native) back to a domain that was historically inhabited by previous generations some decades ago: the world of hospitality, in this case in the shape of a hostel. The challenge was immense and for the scene to be set the brothers created an open-to-all restaurant that hid a secluded, and oasis-like, beer garden as well as an inviting bar and a lounge where any visitors could sit, relax and watch time go by.

The neighbouring palace presented the ideal conditions to develop 18 new suites that contextualised the growth of this project in this unique, and privileged, location right in front of the São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint. All rooms are ensuite and have cable television as well as free wi-fi throughout and breakfast is served on our rooftop terrace overlooking much of this beautiful city and its historical Tagus River.

Sitting on top of the palace, The Insólito takes great pride in bringing to you some of the best ingredients the country has to offer. The gentile and knowledgeable staff, an exquisite view over Lisbon’s secular symbols and the quaint interior décor woven with a cuisine thought to reveal some of our celebrated gastronomy all combine to deliver The Insólito experience.

Founded upon strict sustainable practices and the preference for all things Portuguese, both our food and cocktails endeavor to enchant and surprise with its fresh dialogue between traditional and new, local and distant, discreet and uncovered…

Food and indeed all drinks are defined by socially responsible standards where, for example, almost all produce is sourced when in season and many of the dishes of the day, as well as the cocktails of the day, ensure that very little is wasted. Our chefs, and bartenders, alike are very proud of our legacy and as such you will find that almost all ingredients are exclusively Portuguese.

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