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Travelling is as much about the places we discover as it is about the people we meet along the way. To know that you’re welcome wherever you find yourself at, to feel the world is your home, that is the ultimate goal. We are The Independente Collective. An alliance of travellers, adventurers, and pioneers, looking for fresh paths to tread and different boundaries to cross. We aim to provide unique and authentic experiences to each and every one of our guests. Our spaces are designed so that you can feel welcomed and relaxed, and fully enjoy all the city has to offer.

Our Collection



The Independente

18 all different suites
In a palace in the centre of Lisbon
Overhead view of the city and river
In-house restaurants & bars
Vintage glamour with an urban feel


The Independente

11 Dorms
4 private suites
A palace
Historic centre of Lisbon
Overhead view of the city and river
In-house restaurants and bars
Laid back feel with stylish decoration
Guest Lounge overlooking the view


The House of Sandeman
Branded Hostel & Suites

4 dorm rooms with custom beds
12 suites
Vintage Sandeman artwork
In the building of the Sandeman Cellars
Overlooking the Douro river and city
Spacious common lounge
Port wine cocktails
Live music performances

Groups & Events

Looking for a nice place to have fun with friends or family? We have some options for you.

Eat & Drink


The Decadente
Restaurant & Bar

Portuguese food with a modern twist
Signature cocktails
In the centre of the city
A meeting point for locals and travellers
1 beer garden
1 private room available
Informal vibe
100% Portuguese drinks


The Insólito
Restaurant & Bar

Rooftop terrace
View over the river, castle and city
Unusual combinations
Signature cocktails
Outrageous & surprising decoration
Intimate & stylish
Events for max 65 people


The George
Gastro & Cocktail Bar

A journey to the best of Douro
River and city views
Port wine signature cocktails
1 terrace
1 events room
1 bar
1 restaurant

Our cities
and attitude

We believe that the best way to discover a city is to live it. Which is why our properties are located in central, authentic neighbourhoods in Lisbon and Porto and are open to locals and travellers alike. Each property is unique, just like the neighbourhood surrounding it, each an extension of its location with nods to local culture and vibe. Additionally, you can enjoy live music shows by local and international artists, get together and other social events.

We love to share our cities and will gladly tell you about our favourite places to spend an afternoon chatting with friends, to eat a comforting meal or to dance the night away. Just ask any of our team members and they will help you design your own perfect Lisbon or Porto tour. In a rush? Check out our 2 and half days guide for Lisbon. 

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