The Collective

Just as much as we are what we eat our mind is the reflection of the people and the spaces we surround ourselves by. We are all the product of what we do and how we do it.

The Independente Collective is shaped by the intertwining motions of family, friendship, and love in all matters of expression. From the unexpected contagiousness of a stranger’s laughter to the sound of an improvised guitar chord. Perhaps even just the simplicity of witnessing a glass of wine being poured next to the sizzling sound of freshly grilled meat. It might even be the hug we longed that marks an awaited reunion of bodies.

The farewell kiss – covered in nostalgia – that seals the temporary end to an evening well spent and that poorly masks the expectation of times to come; or even turning the first page of a new book and soaking that moment with a warm sip of an afternoon’s coffee.

Day by day we build our memories and we look into our future. Where we do it matters as much as how we do it. The Independente Collective is the sum of those moments. Places with history carefully thought to be a part of your history.

We have developed a brand that represents a way of life in a plenitude domains. From food to comfort, from produce to technique. Places where creativity and innovation walk hand in hand with tradition and the longstanding values of our industry.

As our family grows we hope to be a part of your life as much as you are a part of ours.

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