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At heart most of us are born explorers. Some set out to challenge geographical and emotional borders. With no excuses we are born to redefine and push our comfort zone beyond what is expected. In one way or another those of us who can’t, and won’t, accept social conventions and pre-established moralities tend to convert towards the same ideals. Ideals of freedom, borderless thoughts and a meaningful existence.

To all of you whose hairs at the back of their necks raised in support of this way of life: welcome to The Independente Collective.

Choose your settings

Bunk, suite or seaside. One, both or all. Embark on an adventure across concepts, terroirs and mind-sets of different tonalities and sounds.

Suites & Terrace - Lisbon - Portugal

Bohemian and palatial suites set in one of Lisbon’s most fascinating addresses look for likeminded travellers looking for the out-of-the-box experience. Not quite a hotel, more than just a hostel.

Hostel & Suites - Lisbon - Portugal
Hostel & Suites

Just as grand as its next door neighbour; bold in look and in style. One of Europe’s hippest hostels inhabited by jaw-dropping triple bunk beds that will test your cool – up for it?

Uva do Monte - Melides - Comporta
Uva do Monte

The seaside meets the countryside. A mile away from one of the coast’s most beautiful beaches set amidst a calm inducing pasture in old agricultural quarters. All this just over an hour away from Lisbon.

Indulge and have fun

We’ve got what you’re looking for: Upscale but dressed down? Hip and trendy but familiar? Market look with a restaurant feel? Look no further.

The Insólito - Restaurante & Bar
The Insólito

Quite the quirky atmosphere from food to context set in a rooftop with a ridiculous view of the old town and the river Tagus. Come and feel cool in this intimate attic with a terrace.

The Decadente - Restaurant & Bar
The Decadente

The first of the lot was and is audacious in name and in attitude. Indulgent, hip and fast paced. Loud, cool and friendly. The haunt of locals and travellers alike who join in humming our tunes.

Cobre Bar - Cocktail Corner

Through Copper all that is bitter will become sweeter and all that is sweet will have a pinch of Salt. “Cobre” is “Copper”, the brand new Cocktail Corner set in the heart of Lisbon’s nightlife.

and explore

Vids and gifs, stills, snaps and frames. Apps and maps. To do’s and to don’ts. Live like a local, breathe like a local. We’ll show you our soul in exchange for your love. Like and share. Pass it around.


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1250-238 Lisboa

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